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The LogiFlow Platform.

The LogiFlow Platform is a collection of reusable code blocks and modules that have been developed and refined over many years. They are industry hardened and have been tried and tested by some of the largest companies in the world.

Software built on our LogiFlow Platform is used by SME's through to the government and has also been used by Team Europe captain Paul McGinley at the fourth-largest sporting event in the world - The Ryder Cup.

LogiFlow allows us to combine any number of these modules to very quickly produce the core of your solution. We then 'knit' these together with your custom business logic in order to produce a completely bespoke system that replicates your current workflows or processes. All for a fraction of the cost and time of traditional bespoke software development.

You can read more about LogiFlow later (including a list of models already available) but for now continue down to see the standard key features of all our systems and some of our most interesting and recent work.

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Key Features included as standard
Scalable Big Data & Mass Storage
Our system for Stroke Average calculates statistics on millions fields of data within seconds. With optimised storage mechanisms and the advent of "elastic" scalable cloud servers, size really isn't an issue.
Secure Government Grade Encryption
As trusted by the Conservative Party for our system used at CCHQ. Data is now fully encrypted (secured) in transit and whilst being stored to comply with the new 2018 GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules.
High Availability, Redundancy & Backup
Users of the system built for Liquid Fleet input and process large volumes of data daily so availability and backups were paramount. Service Level Agreements and a 99.99% network availability guarantee ensure piece of mind.
Real-time Worldwide Synchronisation
Data captured in our Ryder Cup match play system was automatically synchronised in near real-time between the cloud and multiple devices "out in the field". With REST API's and push notifications users will always be up to date.
Unlimited Concurrent Users & Devices
Dan Abrahams Soccer Academy system needed to handle multiple schools, some with over 10,000 players all accessing the system simultaneously. Robust session management and load balancing servers handle varying levels of demand.
Complex Workflows & Business Logic
Cisco's lease management system intelligently moves users down specific workflows based on their unique circumstances. With business logic processing our solutions can autonomously guide users and react to live situations.
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" the team at Logibase are
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" they were the bedrock of our success... " Paul McGinley - Tour Professional
Four-time European Tour Winner
2014 Ryder Cup Captain
Our very own Ben Grice with Paul McGinley
in a live mid-session statistics debrief
Some Of Our Work both recent and interesting

PGA European Tour

A tool to process and calculate ranked and colour coded post event tournament statistics to display to website visitors.

The Conservative Party

A fully auditable, secure system to digitise, store and search confidential biographical MP candidate information for constituency elections, using an advanced visual, fully granular, search and reporting wizard to output any combination of data.

Liquid Fleet Ltd

A cloud based full business back office system for one of the UK's fastest growing vehicle leasing companies. Combining SCO, PIM, CRM & ERP functionality in one central platform for full cycle management from original procurement through to asset disposal.

Cisco Systems, Inc.

A cloud based system to manage, track and audit assets and products out on lease worldwide. The system then fully automates the end of lease process, guiding the external customer and all relevant internal departmental staff through each step.

The Ryder Cup

A system to import, track and analyse weekly tournament statistics and player performance data, in order to provide European captain Paul McGinley frequent consolidated "player form" snapshots in the lead up to the Ryder Cup.

Dan Abrahams Soccer Academy

A web application for industry renowned sports psychologist Dan Abrahams to stream on-demand teaching and training videos worldwide. Groups sign up via annual subscription and then coaches, players and parents connect via hierarchical invitations.

Callaway Golf

A cloud system to capture and process large volumes of statistical player and golf club usage data, intelligently analysing data to correlate both current and historical player performance trends across various golf club models.

All Shape Up

A web application streaming on-demand health & fitness videos. Corporate account holders can monitor employees progress and personal users can sign-up using either annual or monthly subscriptions with direct debit payment processing support built in.

Southern Energy Installations

A system to input, process and cleanse large volumes of contact data, and serve it to a telemarketing team. Feeding filtered and trending data on-demand to the next available operator, whilst monitoring their performance and data quality.

The Ryder Cup

A "first of its kind" golf match play data capture and analysis system used on course during play at the Ryder Cup. Multiple devices followed each match capturing and synchronising data in near real-time to high availability redundant cloud servers.

Cisco Systems, Inc.

A cloud based tool to track market trends and calculate the live "fair market value" of the companies global assets and products.

Steps To Success how we do what we do
  • Let's Talk " its good to talk "

    There is nothing better than a good old chat. Ideally face-to-face, this gives you a chance to see what makes us tick, see some of our work up close, and for you to put us on the spot, ask us any questions to put your mind at ease and explain your ideas. And this vital step is always completely FREE, yes thats right, its on us!

  • Fact Find " watch and learn "

    Talking is great but sometimes you just need to experience something firsthand. So, to ensure we have a full grasp of your business, problem or idea we spend time with your staff (and if needed customers) to really see what goes on. We find this is the time when our creative juices really start to flow and we can put our years of experience to good use.

  • Conceptualise " dream big "

    At this step its all about "the BIG idea". We like to push the boundaries of the project scope to see what we may have missed. We try to think far ahead and see where a project could go. This is a hugely important step as it ensures the solution we provide is future proofed. We then digest and distill everything and start to refine your solution.

  • Prototype " don't just dive in "

    Its now that we like to start mocking up what the final system will look and feel like. Sometimes this is as simple as sketches of end user screens or simple clickable wireframe mockups. Or if need be we will build fully working prototypes to make sure everyone is on the same page. This is where our LogiFlow Platform really comes into its own.

  • Refine " if at first you don't succeed "

    With other software development companies this step is often done after development, during the testing stage. We don't agree. We see time and time again the best ideas or refinements come when you actually start to see or use something (even if its just a prototype). So we do this now, before development. This reduces the chance of costly mid-build changes.

  • Build " one brick at a time "

    We start with our base LogiFlow platform (which has the key foundations ready to go) and add any of the existing modules or code blocks required for your system. We then work our real magic weaving everything together with your custom business logic, processes and workflows, building in "chunks" or phases so you can always see progress at the earliest opportunity.

  • Test " testing testing 1-2-1-2 "

    This is as simple as it sounds but a vital step in the success of any project. Especially if your customers are going to be using the system. First impressions are key so it's at this point we get rid of any of those nasty error messages or popups. We actually try to get you to purposely break the system, that way we can ensure it's battle hardened come launch day.

  • Go Live " 3,2,1... lift off "

    After any final updates from the testing stage we set a "go live" plan. Phased or departmental rollout, a specific time of the day, month or even year. We work around you to ensure the system has the least impact on your business and that any transitions are as smooth as possible. We fully train staff where required and we aim to be on-site for the week or so following go live.

No "fanatical fantastical" support team here...

We don't boast about our vast UK call centers, or our "expert support team ready to take your call" because we know the harsh truth behind all that... it means 90% of the time you get through to a faceless (but mostly polite) employee who knows nothing about your project and initially tries to solve your problem with canned responses.

No, we are having none of that, with us it's simple, you get a handful of direct numbers to us - the people who built your system and know it inside out.

It really is that simple.

Sounds Expensive how much does it all cost

Not as much as you might think...

You see we are one of the only companies in the UK who offer fully bespoke cloud software under a SaaS payment model.

SaaS or "Software as a Service" has grown massively in recent years due to its cost effectiveness and predictive scalable pricing. Think Office 365, Salesforce, Netflix etc. Paying either monthly or annually you are effectively "renting" access to software, normally with little or no upfront costs. This one rental price covers everything.

Now whilst the currently available "off the shelf" SaaS software does an ok job, we often hear comments from our customers like - "we wish it could do this" or "we had to change our internal processes to fit". It turns out what makes SaaS software such an attractive offering in the first place, is actually its Achilles heel - it's generic and cannot be customised to your unique workflows and processes. So we set out to change this.

Due to the power of our LogiFlow Platform we can build solutions much more efficiently and therefore cost effectively. This allows us to spread the cost of your project over a number of years. We also find this instills a strong relationship moving forward. Instead of having a big upfront cost for the build of the system and then ongoing support and server costs, we roll all this up into one monthly payment. And don't worry, there are no nasty contracts. You pay as long as you want to use your system. If you no longer need it then you stop paying there and then.

We of course offer traditional payment options where you simply purchase full ownership of your system from day one and in these cases we are very proud to say we have never increased a budget where we underestimated the scale of the project. If we got it wrong then you shouldn't loose out.

We pride ourselves on being fair, open and honest and our main goal above all others is to build successful longstanding relationships with our customers.