The LogiFlow Platform

So What Is The LogiFlow Platform?

When we stared Logibase many years ago we began building one-off standalone software systems. Now although the businesses we worked with really benefitted from these individual solutions, we very quickly realised two things:

  1. We could standardise substantial amounts of the code we wrote into reusable blocks (or "modules").
  2. This would allow future businesses to leverage the previous investment of others, whilst greatly reducing upfront costs and allowing us to deliver much faster tangible benefits.

And so, the LogiFlow Platform was born.

The platform gives us an expandable base with the ability to quickly add lots of standard functionality through utilising our modules of code. We then write custom code, logic and algorithms to expand and interleave these modules and their data structure into workflows and processes that match your requirements exactly.

Meaning the end result for your business is a customisable fully bespoke cloud software system with the cost savings of fixed "of the shelf" software.

Moving With The Times

Building on the successes of previous solutions, starting in 2014 the platform has had a substantial overhaul to bring it up to date with new standards such as fully responsive design, so everything looks and works great on all devices and screen sizes.

We have also updated and added new functionality to bring us right up to date with current data protection legislation such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) by utilising "government / bank grade" 128-bit AES encryption, and securing end user logins with "2 factor authentication" (e.g. using an app on your phone to generate a unique one-time 6 digit passcode as used by the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter).


The LogiFlow Platform uses industry standard web 2.0 technologies including PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS & jQuery (JavaScript). We chose these because they are open source (meaning they are free to use and have no costly licencing such as windows server which can cost £1000's alone), widely used / supported, and are the same technologies that already run billion-pound systems such as Facebook.

This also makes our system very flexible. We can configure a solution to run locally from an internal server, in the cloud accessed via the internet / mobile network, or a mixture of both. If required mobile devices / tablets can also run completely self-contained versions of the platform and store data locally until an internet connection becomes available, at which point it will automatically synchronise its data to the master cloud version and pull down any new data.

We don't use any propriety code or software so if you choose to purchase your system outright then you can be safe in the knowledge that any experienced web administrator / developer would be able to support, maintain and expand your system.

Flexible Payment Options

Thanks to us being able to reuse past investment and lay the foundations of your project much quicker, it allows us to offer a SaaS payment option as well as the more traditional one-off purchase plus options ongoing support & maintenance contracts.

We have 3 distinct payment options:

  1. Outright purchase including full IPR (intellectual property right).
    You pay a fixed one-off combined development and purchase price giving you full ownership of the system and its code. You can still choose us to host, support and maintain your system but its completely optional and you are no further tied to us in any way.
  2. Development and perpetual licence.
    Again, you pay a fixed one-off cost for the development of your system, but you don’t own the system itself. You get continuous full unrestricted access to your system with the only mandatory ongoing cost being the raw hosting / server cost. Again, ongoing support and maintain are completely optional.
  3. Monthly / quarterly rental via Saas (Software as a Service).
    You pay a vastly reduced initial "deposit" (which can even be reduced to nothing if you want to commit to us for a longer period) and then a continuous monthly or quarterly payment. This all-in "rental" payment covers full unrestricted access, hosting / server costs, full support and maintenance, and even includes free security and bug fixes for the lifetime of the system.

Get In Touch

So, there you have it, thats a brief intro into LogiFlow. However we know there is a lot more to a successful project than just code and software. And thats where our years of experience working with and consulting to businesses on their IT systems pays dividends. So why not get in touch today and ask us any questions about how we may be able to help your business.

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