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The biggest shake-up in data protection & privacy law for over 20 years...
  • The UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) is the new law that came into effect on May 25th 2018.
  • It was revised again in 2021 (to stay applicable after Brexit) and impacts all businesses in relation to the personal data of staff, customers and suppliers.
  • Compliance is not a choice, and fines can extend up to £17 Million.
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On-site GDPR Compliance Assessment

Since our very first project over two decades ago now (a membership management system for a bingo and social club) we have always seen data protection and information security as key core requirements. We believe that robust privacy and security measures are vital to the success and longevity of any software, system or solution.

Over the years we found an increasing number of our customers also asking for advice and support with their company's overall privacy and security requirements / obligations, not just that of their IT or software.

So very early on we decided to branch this out as a second offering which could be utilised alongside or separate from our bespoke IT solutions.

Whether it is your requirements and obligations in relation to data protection law, cyber security best practices, or staff awareness and training, we have a range of products and services that can help.

Why Use Logibase
Products & Services
General Advice & Consultancy
Whether it's advice on the new GDPR law or improving your company's overall cyber resilience, we offer a range of flexible, affordable consultancy options to suit your requirements and budget. Take the first step today - contact us.
Cyber Security Checkup
An on-site investigation looking at your company's overall cyber / IT infrastructure, security and resilience. Including vulnerability identification, penetration testing and checking the awareness and competency of your staff.
Cyber Security Improvement
We work with you to produce an implementation plan with actionable steps to improve your Cyber Security. Including firewalls, security settings, viruses and malware protection and access control.
Data Protection & Privacy Improvement
After completing something like our GDPR Readiness Report there may be a number of things you need to do to improvement data protection and privacy throughout your company. This is where we help put them into action.
Staff Awareness & Training
"Your biggest IT / data protection security threat may already be in the building" - Staff are the number one reason for a security or data breach so it is vital that they are adequately trained and monitored.
Virtual Data Protection Officer (DPO)
Outsource the roll of data protection and let us manage and implement your compliance requirements allowing you to stay focused on your core business activities - a fantastic, affordable service for small - medium businesses.
Why Use Logibase
We have always kept abreast of data protection law, information security and cyber security advancements to ensure we can advise on and apply them to our IT solutions and consultancy services. We pride ourselves on being approachable and personable. Wherever possible we use "real-world" examples to help our customers relate to information, and we make it our mission to not speak in acronyms and technical jargon.

Crucially, with the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now in full effect, Logibase are certified GDPR Practitioners meaning you can rest assured the you will always receive the most relevant and up-to-date help and advice.
On-Site GDPR Compliance Assessment Let us help get you 80% of the way

The GDPR applies to any personal information and data you collect, use and store for UK and EU citizens, including not only that of customers, but also employees and suppliers. Lots of business activity will fall under the scope of the GDPR including CRM's, marketing / accounts / back office systems, marketing and sales communications, contact lists / databases, customer and supplier contracts, website forms / newsletter signups, even users just browsing your website will likely be included due to IP addresses now being deemed personal data.

The introduction of any law or regulation can often be a daunting task and as such often gets pushed down the to-do list. But it's vital you don't let this happen, especially now that your users, customers, clients and suppliers have the legal right to claim compensation for damages caused by infringing their "rights".

Our GDPR Compliance Assessment sits in-between the free online "checklists" (which don't really give you any tangible advice) and the "full-fat" consultancy services (which are very expensive - often costing £1000's / day - and are overkill for most businesses). It is an on-site, "hands-on" product tailored to your specific business and processes.

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Just Some Of Our Happy Customers
Ian Smith Group

"We used Logibase to help with our GDPR compliance in 2018. The service and communication that they offered was first class from start to finish and Ben was a pleasure to deal with."

Jonathan Harrod - Director
Carpigiani UK

"We used Logibase to conduct an initial assessment and report, we found them to be extremely helpful and professional. Following their primary review their supplied report and templates have assisted us greatly in developing our road map and route towards GDPR compliance."

Martin Sheehan - Operations Manager
EMS Security Services

"We were really struggling with the GDPR changes and didn’t understand most of it but after having a consultation with Logibase we started to understand the changes we needed to make and they explained everything in simple terms. Would highly recommend to anyone who is struggling with GDPR."

Michelle Whitehead - Finance Director

"Thank you for coming in and helping us with the wonderful world of GDPR. I found the meeting very useful and has really helped us move forward with our GDPR implementation and demystified some of the areas that we need to work on."

Roger Chandler - Managing Director
Midtherm Laser

"Logibase made the implementation of GDPR changes much easier to understand and the template documents they provided saved a huge amount of time. I can't recommend Ben and the guys at Logibase enough."

Mark Hannon - General Manager
What's Included in 4 easy steps
  • On-site Session

    We come to your premises at a time to suit you.

    First, we present an "introduction to the GDPR" providing you with a high-level overview of what the UK GDPR is all about, how it differs from the original "Data Protection Act" it has superseded, and what it means for businesses. This can be valuable for any number of staff to sit in on to introduce them to the GDPR, increase their overall understanding, and improve awareness of their responsibilities when it comes to day-to-day activities.

    This is also a great time for you to ask any questions related to your specific business activities or ask us to elaborate on any particulate point (or requirement) of the GDPR for clarification. We don't run this presentation like a formal training session but more like a structured collaboration. We are not "on the clock" so there are no time limits meaning this part of the service essentially becomes a kind of free high-level consultancy session as well as a presentation.

    Second, we have a question and answer session which covers all aspects of the GDPR and its requirements. It includes most areas of general business activity and allows us to gauge your current level of compliance in all areas of the GDPR. The more information you can provide us here, the more accurate and detailed your assessment report will be - so having managers / heads of departments / key staff on hand to answer any relevant questions will help.

    This on-site session normally takes about half a day and if your time allows we are happy to stay a little longer to answer any further specific questions you may have.

  • Assessment Report

    After our on-site session we come back to base and asses the information we gathered. This is where we do all the heavy lifting and produce your GDPR Compliance Assessment Report.

    The report contains a summary of your overall GDPR compliance in graphical form, and details of how well you fair in key "real-world" categories such as board & planning, employees & staff, policy & procedure, data processing, data sharing & transfer and cyber security.

    Each category is fully explained, and includes a "Specific Changes" section detailing key changes you should make to improve your compliance in that area. The report also includes any high-level "quick win" changes you can make straightaway to boost your compliance, and any high risk areas that need immediate attention.

    Finally, the report contains lots of useful reference material including facts and information about the GDPR and a "jargon buster" detailing key GDPR terminology.

    It is an extensive report that can be utilised by departments and key staff, and can be used indefinitely as a clear, concise reference document for general GDPR information.

  • Template Documentation

    Having documented procedures for your staff to follow and well-structured policy to notify customers and suppliers, forms the foundation of any GDPR compliance project. So, alongside the GDPR Compliance Assessment Report we also provide you with key template documentation vital to demonstrating your compliance with the GDPR (avoiding the costly exercise of starting these from scratch yourself).

    You would normally have to pay for these separately but we include them for free as part of our assessment. Our extensive template document pack includes:

    • Data Protection Policy & Procedures
    • Information Security Policy
    • Data Retention & Erasure Policy
    • Data Breach Policy & Procedures
    • Subject Access Request Procedures
    • Privacy Notice Template
    • GDPR Compliance Statement Template
    • Notification Letter Template for Existing Processors
    • Controller Processor Agreement Template

    These documents can either be customised directly to use in your business, or they can be used to cross-reference your current documentation to ensure it covers all areas under the new GDPR requirements.

  • Follow Up

    The GDPR Compliance Assessment is perfect as either an introduction / kick-start to GDPR compliance or as a professional opinion to assess your ongoing compliance efforts, and make sure nothing has been overlooked.

    So, to ensure it has achieved one of the above objectives, soon after receiving your report and template documentation we like to arrange a follow up phone call to discuss them. This is the perfect opportunity for us to answer any questions you may have for example, further clarification on any of the sections / categories, or any of our recommendations.

...and that's it, you're now well on your way to being GDPR compliant.

It is also worth mentioning that this report will actually form part of your required GDPR compliance documentation by demonstrating and proving your overall "awareness" of the GDPR, and acknowledgement of the implied GDPR "accountability" principle.

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Key Advantages

Start your journey, or get a professional opinion on work so far
Forms part of your required GDPR compliance documentation
Low impact, maximising value of on-site time
We do all the heavy lifting freeing you up to run your business
Focuses on real-world business areas not legal articles
Tailored to your specific business and processes
Key changes you can make straightaway
Template documentation to get you up and running quickly

Need Something More we have you covered

Our GDPR Assessment is a fantastic start - and in some cases (with a little work from yourself) it can be the only thing needed to help you become GDPR compliant. However if needed, there are lots of other ways we can help, and further GDPR products and services we offer such as:

  • "Self-help" GDPR Implementation Toolkit - a fixed price pack which includes walk-throughs and guidance documents, a GAP-analysis tool and compliance checklist, a data inventory template with examples, a 'legitimate interest' assessment, DPIA template, record and log templates and an implementation plan for you to work through in your own time to ensure you achieve full compliance.
  • Full GDPR GAP Analysis (including a full data inventory and data processing audit) - this service provides you with a detailed breakdown of your exact legal standing in relation to the GDPR, including security practices, processes and operating procedures. The result of which provides granular detail on changes you need to make to achieve full compliance.
  • Full GDPR Compliance Implementation - we work with you to implement all the necessary changes you need to make to achieve full compliance with the GDPR.
  • On-site Data Inventories - to identify, gather and document all the personal data you hold.
  • On-site Data Flow Mapping and Processing Audit - to plot and document all your data flows (a key technical analysis requirement of the GDPR) e.g. where and how personal data; enters your company, moves and is transferred internally and externally and exits your company.
  • Virtual Data Protection Officer (DPO) services ("DPO as a Service") where you "outsource" the roll and responsibilities of GDPR compliance and data protection under a service contract. Let us manage and implement your compliance requirements and provide ongoing support for all GDRP and data protection related tasks and questions. Allowing you to stay focused on your core business activities - a fantastic, affordable service for small - medium businesses.
  • Audit / health checks and improvement implementation for, overall "Cyber Security" and / or "Data Protection and Information Security".
  • Staff awareness and training.

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